Dandelion Diptych

Dandelion Diptych

Chinese ink and circuit stickers

The Dandelion Diptych explores the relationship between physical painting with ink on paper, digital painting with LEDs controlled by code, and handcrafted circuitry that connect the two. This piece is made up of two interactive paintings of dandelions, one reflecting reality and the other inverting it. LED lights beneath the painting act as programmable paint strikes augmenting the classical ink painting with magical interactivity. Copper lines that make up the circuitry also ache the painting, acting as both wires for conducting electricity as well as lines for representing the painted landscape. Blow strongly on the dandelions to activate the painting. When you blow on the white LED flowers, the seeds disperse and cause new flowers to grow. However, you can also blow on an empty stem to breath life back into the flower, reactivating it.



Jie Qi & Nicole Teeny




Piece commissioned by

SIGGRAPH 2015, art exhibition